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the album is the physical record of your day one.  The very first heirloom that exists in the family you just created.

Wedding Album

our philosophy

An immense amount of time, care and detail go into the album design. The goal of the album design process is to combine our creative vision of your wedding day with your ideas in a collaborative effort to create a beautiful heirloom.
What does this mean? That means that in order to get your ideal album, you will need to give some thought to your design. At the very least, we need to know know your favorite images from your special day. Photography is a subjective art and our favorites may not necessarily align with yours. This initial process is important to get us started on the right track. From there, we will take your selected images, add in additional images we feel help tell the story, and lay out a draft of the album in accordance with our established album style, utilizing timeless and clean, custom layouts.

image selection

Each album includes a 20 page design.  Our gallery system makes it easy for you to choose your favorite images to include in your album by simply selecting the heart icon on each image.  

A 10 spread, 20 page album yields approximately 15-30 images.  Most clients choose to add additional pages to their album.  We keep our layouts classic and use a white background to help keep the focus on the imagery.  Our albums are "gutter-less" and can be designed across both pages of a spread.  Don't worry - we take special care to still be sure the crease does not fall across anyone's face when possible!  


We offer albums in 3 square sizes.  
8"x8" is perfect for sharing memories with parents or for use as guestbooks.
Weddings albums are best designed in either a 10"x10" or 12"x12" size allowing ample room to display your images beautifully.


all prices include 20 pages, up to 30 images,  and a choice of standard cover. 




Blind Debossing 
Acrylic or Metal cover
Cameo Cutout
Leather Etching

parent albums are designed as an exact replica of the design of the main album.  the base cost is $275 for 20 pages for an 8x8 album. 
additional pages & Cover upgrades also apply. we are happy to custom quote this for you, just inquire.

inclued Cover Options

cameo window

blind debossing

Cameo covers feature an image window to highlight your favorite photograph. 

add on OPTIONS:

Choose a sentimental title or add a date to the album cover with up to three lines of text.


Display the beauty of your photographs inside and out. Your image is printed directly on the backside of a piece of Acrylic for an absolutely stunning look. 

acrylic cover

metal cover

etched patterns

Show-off your image on our hand-cut, metal cover. The printed Metal Cover brings an industrial flair to your imagery with a metal base and texture.

Create an amazing cover with one of our Etched patterns. We have a growing collection of designs that clients adore. Etching is available with Velvets, Standard, Distressed, Metallic and Pearlescent leathers. Etched Leathers are not available with Cameo covers.


Is there a deposit required?

how many pages can I have?

Yes, we require a $200 deposit before design can begin.

Most Albums can be bound with up to 100 pages.

do the pictures come out?

how thick are the pages?

No, all of our albums are flush-mounted, meaning the photos are printed as part of the page.

Prints are mounted flush to a 1/32" board, offering a streamlined, modern look.

will I get a box?

what kind of paper is it?

Yes, all of our heirloom albums include a box

Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper. Standard Archival Value of 100 years in home display.

how do I care for my album?

What is the turnaround?

A care card is included in your order, but albums are best in temp & humidity controlled rooms. A soft cloth removes fingerprints. Apply a leather conditioner to your cover to remove any scratches or scuffs that may occur.

Albums typically ship in about 3-4 weeks after the approval and invoice have been received.